The Versatile Sorceress

Written by tomk – used with permission


I will explain here the results of all the monitoring I’ve been doing around the Sorceress.

1) The WHAT ?

This guide is not supposed to be a high-end guide to the ultimate pwnzor Sorceress. This is rather a “how to get started” version. The “Versatile” title explains itself : the Sorceress described here can evolve to any of the 3 elements speciality.

2) The WHY ?

Because there is a lot people being confused about which skill to use, which stat to pump etc. What are the damages when XXX skill is maxxed ? Is XXX skill better than YYY skill ? All those questions might find their answer here.

3) The HOW?

Okay, first thing, what is a Versatile Sorceress ? It is one that can be specialized to either Fire/Thunder/Ice regardless. How is it possible ? At this point the almighty math come in line.

As everyone know, we got 3 Skill Trees with 4 Break Levels each, which are the Clvl at which you get new skills. The Break Levels being 0, 11 or 16, 56, 81. (Ice being different since you cant get the 4th skill)

We will now take some hypothesis that should be remembered during all the following process.

i) Every Sorceress should put skill points in Mastery between Clvl 46 and 55. Which give you lv10 Mastery at Clv55
ii) Assuming i), we will analyse build from Clv1 to Clv45
iii) Since I dont precisely know yet how the Clvl modifies the dmg output, we will use raw skill damages for comparison, as shown in skill description.
iv) We will not apply the Mastery bonus, since the guide stops at Clv45.

4) Analyzing builds

I’ve seen alot of various builds, be it ingame or from the japanese forums. There are good things, and things I think are bad. I will explain this in details.

The “all power builds”

Those builds are for example :
Fire Missile 10 ► Fire Blaze 25 ► Meditation 10
Ice Missile 15 ► Ice Wave 25 ► Meditation 5
Lightning 15 ► Flash Shock 25 ► Meditation 5

The obvious advantage is that you got the maximum damage output for your element. The more obvious downside is, you will never have the mana pool to be casting all those spells.

Those builds might look powerful, if you like sitting every 5 mins to replenish. I woull add that it can really be a pain up the &#$ to grind when using AoE spells. The game isnt designed to advantage AoE spells, the good spots are not many, and the xp/mp you get might not be that good compared to single-hit builds. Not to mention you are screwed when it comes to quest-mobs that are surrounded…

The “eco builds”

Those builds are roughly :
First Spell 25 ► Meditation 20

The advantage is the high-lvl Meditation, which will be more than helpful when you get to use the Clv55 spells. The downside is… you get very low damage output from Clv25 to Clv55. Enjoy the grinding…

Those builds might look well-thought, in fact they are. But tell me how do you grind 30 levels with a max dmg of 615-706 (fire missile 25) ? You might die of boredom before you even reach Clv45 but then you will have a very good build Everything has a price…

The “Versatile build”

First, a few more reminders : – Fire/Ice Missile skills DO NOT GET MULTIPLE HITS at higher levels. Just get it in your head. – We NEED to pump Meditation early. – We want to get the best effectiveness out of our beloved Sorceress.

This effectiveness has a name : *Fire Blaze*

Let me give you a few numbers to get that clear.

Fire Missile 25 = 615 – 706 | 57 MP | 11.59 dmg/mp
Ice Missile 25= 511 – 603 | 36 MP | 15.47 dmg/mp
Lightning 25 = 546 – 596 | 43 MP | 13.28 dmg/mp

That is for a Clv25. At the same Clvl you can have 10 points in any of those first spells and 15 in Fire Blaze :

Numbers do speak by themselves :
Fire Blaze 15 = 790 – 946 | 65 MP | 13.35 dmg/mp

You notice the BIG gap in damage output at the same Clvl. Only Ice Missile could compare in terms of dmg/mp effectiveness, but the 56% more dmg of Fire Blaze easily compensate for the -14% dmg/mp difference. Not to mention it has a rather fast casting rate.

5) The Guide itself

Here is the process, step-by-step

Skills Overview :

It basically depends of the Meditation you want to reach at Clv45, be it 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 25, here is the path I use:

Whatever first spell ► 10 – Clv10
├ Fire Blaze ► 5 – Clv15
├ Meditation ► 5 – Clv20
└ Fire Blaze ► 15 – Clv30

At this point, you decide how you want to balance between Fire Blaze and Meditation.

The important thing to keep in mind is, the more points you put in Fire Blaze, the easier the grinding will be the less you will have in Meditation. Remember you will stop using Fire Blaze sooner or later, but Meditation will always be useful.

Three choices are available :

Fire / Thunder Trees : If you aim for Magma Wall or EarthQuake next, you really should aim at least lv15-20 Meditation as you will need alot MP to make full use of those new spells.

Ice Tree : The Clv55 Ice Wall eats less MP than the 2 others, while still having a very good damage output. A lv10-15 Meditation should be enough to handle this one, depending your mana pool (INT).

Stats Overview :

There are many possibilites, here is my advice :

I tend to go full INT until Clv30, aiming for highest mana pool, thus fastest grinding possible. Leveling up to 30 should be a cake, we talking of hours here.

Now that you are Clv30, you need to start thinking about what you will do next. At this point you should have decided which Element you want to use.

- Fire Tree : I would go 5+ INT 1 VIT, or even 6 INT. The more MP, the better. You have unmatched firepower so stay away from monsters as you mash them down to ashes.

- Thunder Tree : You wont have the firepower of Fire spells so you should be prepared to be hitted more. 4 INT 2+ VIT will give you slightly more HP, allowing easier handling of your Sorceress. (roughly 250 more HP at Clv55 compared to full INT)

- Ice Tree : Your spells got the lowest MP consumption. This means you dont have to get tons of MP. By the time you hit 1500 MP (which should be easily done), start pumping VIT. Again it depends of your play style. It’s your choice if you feel like you need a bigger mana pool.
The Ice Sorceress I ran from this build is actually Clv50, 800HP 1600MP.

Thats it for this first version of my first Corum Sorceress Guide

Thanks to the few people who will endure the pain reading up to this point :lol:

If you spot mistakes/typos or whatever you think is wrong, feel free to say it as long as it is justified.
I dont want “tis suxx, n00b build” comments. This is only the result of my own reflexion, obviously not the perfect build possible.

I hope this will help some people :)

Added: Feb 21, 03:36 PM