Summoner Build (Dace)

Dace’s Summoner Build

This is tested to work with a quester summoner, don’t know how good it would be for a heavy grinder.

Levels 1-20 into Soul Blast.
Levels 21-25 into Green Elemental.
Level 26 into Red Elemental.
Level 27 into Blue Elemental.
Level 28 into Red.
Level 29 into Blue.
Levels 30-32 into Red.
Levels 33-35 into Blue.
Levels 36-40 into Green.

Levels 1-10 3 vit and 2 int per level. 55vit, 45int
Levels 11-20 2 vit and 3 int per level. 75vit, 75int
Levels 21-25 5 vit and 1 int per level. 100vit, 80int
Levels 26-35 0 vit and 6 int per level. 100vit, 140int

Roco’s weapon (until you get: Yuri’s Weapon)
Yuri’s weapon (until you get: Unsure)

I’m updating this as I go along, therefore it is only a list up to my current level with some prediction to how I will advance.

Kai’s Weapon, although it looks cooler than Yuri’s Weapon, is infact weaker at least up until you have more than 2 parts of that set (I’ll find out if it becomes better once I can get more of that set), therefore just keep it in storage for now. (Yuri’s adds +1 to all your skills, therefore giving more power to SB and better summons, whereas Kai’s doesn’t)

Unless you get a better one drop, the 30k karz shield is decent until you can afford the 160k one in Luna.

When replacing pieces of sets with new items, make sure that the new item gives more bonus that what you are losing for you purpose at that point (ie check the damage difference, etc.)

Gemini and Aquarius cards are your friend! They half the cost of transporting between the major locations, you only need one Gemini Card saved per map area (area accessable without having to go through a passage dungeon).

Again, this is just my opinion on equipments and stats/skills, feel free to do things differently if you find them working better for you.

Added: Feb 20, 03:45 AM