Site Designed

Site Designed

Ok, the site is now fully operational, front-end and back-end, and I am pleased with how the design has turned out.

The in-section navigation and article layouts aren’t fully completed yet, so please bear with me there.

I’m going to steadily go through and translate the skills section on the Korean Corum site (using an online translation tool) and post them here.

It won’t be the best translation, but I figure its best to have at least some information partially translated than none at all.

This is of course thinking that gpotato will be up to their usual standard of delivering information at this stage of the game, which means there will be literally none (i.e. like with Rappelz).

Anyway, I’ll get a forum up soon (currently the link leads nowhere), and then I’ll see about blending it into the site.

Heh, well I’ve done all this and I don’t even know if I’ll like the game enough to play it after beta, ah well, I can hope! :D

Posted by: Dace - Jan 10, 10:29 AM