Ranger/Assassin Guide (Fhadz)

Submitted by Fhadz – used with permission

Here I will write 2 guides for a Ranger/Assassin.
The Ranger is a (Player Vs Monster Form)
The Assassin is a (Player Vs Player Form)

As soon as you enter the world of Corum, you’ll notice you’re in a small town with a few people around you. First thing I want you to do is look at the lower left side of your screen, you’ll see your HP bar and also a few options click on the option skills..

This is where you start your journey.

If your planing on going PVP click on (Toxication)
Toxication is a active skill can be cast a distance of 8m short casting time of 0.5 seconds but a long 5 second cool down time. Has very good damage for a starting attack. Only go with it if your going PVP

PRO’s – Help you kill strong monsters with good damage
CON’s – Long cool down time, only hits 1 monster at a time.

If your planing on going PVM click on (Blast Quake)
Blast Quake is a active skill can be cast a distance of 8m short casting time of 0.8 seconds and fast cool down time of 1.2 seconds
This is a AOE attack and can hit multiple enemies.

PRO’s – Can hit multi enemies and as you build your str and get high damage weapons this moves minimum and maximum dmg increases.
CON’s – uses alot of SP slightly hard to hit alot of enemies at once.

By now you have gained a few levels and are wondering what to do with your Stat Points well for a ranger/assassin this is a hard choice.

If you went with PVP then damage is not as important as your Attack/Avoid. For each level you gain its smartest to put 1 to STR and 4 to DEX, until you hit level 10. After level 10 start 2 to str and 3 to dex.

As you get high levels the amount of STAT Points you gain per levels in creases, just keep that system i have made above.

If you want to go PVM then your damage is just as important as your Attack/Avoid. Start out with 3 str and 2 dex till level 10, move to 4 str and 1 dex until level 20. Go 3 str and 3 dex and to keep dex always 1/3 lower then str

A very important skill to both classes is ELEMENTAL WALL
Elemental Wall is a very handy skills casting time or 0.25 seconds and it
Increases elemental resistances for a period of time. that comes in very handy when fighting sorc’s and summoners and a lil bit with arcers and fighters.. regardless this skills should be maxed or at least close.

Now what ever class you picked you should be leveling well and gaining masterys in your skills.. heres the next skills your should consintrate on

If you picked the PVP path- then you have 2 skills to start worrying about
1 of them is a passive skills known as Shadow Dash Its a Passive skill (means its always active) its a increase on your movement speed. this is very important in PVP sometimes fights will come down to Hit and run tactics..

The Other skill you PVP have to worry about now is Poison Cloud

This is a slight AOE creats a decent cloud to hit monsters with psn per second – Its good in a PVP fight cause it has a good casting time and you dont have to click directly on your enemy makeing ti easier to kill the PVM rangers and archers that run around like chickens with no head

Staying on the PVP path. I’m going to continue with the followning skills you have to look in to Gaia’s Strength helps for the death blow after there psn’ed. also helps when you get in to a close combat fight.
The Most Important Passive Skill for a PVP Psn assassin is Toxic Affinity This is greatly increase your psn damage
Now you have the Main PVP attacks down there are 3 secondary skills you can look into to increase DMG
Blur to increase evasion, Furry to increase DMG with Katars and Precision To Increase Attack.

This ends the PVP Part of the guide below I’ll continue the PVM section

You’re going to need to start Vampiric Embrace to leech life from those high monsters makes leveling cheaper you don’t need many HP’s.

Here you are going to also look in to 1 passive the most important one for you are Gaia’s Strength or Spear Mastery- This depends on what weapon you plan on using.. PMV use spear PMV uncontested use Katars..

There is no need for shadow dash in PVM unless you want to run fast pointless in my opinion. and if you want to get the 3 attack boosting skills thats up to you a very importenant for PMV is Chakra Explosion.

This completes this guide if there are any questions please post them and i will respond to them when i see them. I hope this guide helps anyone looking to make a very affective PVP/PVM ranger..

Added: Apr 27, 11:30 AM