Ranger Guide (ohshibaru)

Submitted by ohshibaru – used with permission

Well, I was going to make a guide but I missed the last day where there were stat resets in order to test all 4 different builds that I could think about. That is PvE, PvP and Katar/Spear. Mix/Match for 4 Builds.

Note Suggested Builds. Change it as you feel fit.
(Upto L56) Skills PvP: Toxification 10, Hide 10, Darkness 5 (or Hide 5, Darkness 10), Knife Chain 10, Mastery(Spear or Katar) 10, Shadow Dash 1, Mastery (Spear or Katar) 9, Blur 1(It works)

(Upto L56) Skills PvE: Blast Quake 10, Hide 10, Blast Quake 15 (Or 5 Blast Quake, 10 Knife Chain), Mastery 10, Shadow Dash 1, Mastery 9, Blur 1

After 56 you can either Finish Mastery or go onto maxing your Knife Chain or Blast Quake or Blur. Upto you.

Spear Debate
Secondly, If you are going Spear Mastery then Knife Chain is exponentially better because its a +% Damage onto your weapons base damage and spear has a Higher max dmg. Therefore, the Max damage on spear would be greater.

Katar Damage – 100~120
Knife Chain – +25% Damage
= Knife Chain Damage: 125~150

Spear Damage – 80 ~ 150
Knife Chain – +25%
= Knife Chain 100 ~ 187.5

Its not the best example because I had to guess on damage but you can see that the max damage would be bigger.

Status Points
Ok, as we known for a Ranger there are a few important stats.
STR – +Damage & Weight
DEX – +Damage(Less then Str) & Avoid 7 per Dex & Accuracy 11 per Dex
VIT – +HP 4 per Vit
EGO – +OverDrive Length (Not so Important but later it could be)

Level 1->19 : 5 Status Points
Level 20->39 : 6 Status Points
Level 40->59 : 7 Status Points
Level 60->79 : 8 Status Points
(Every 20 level span it increases by 1 point as you can see)

Ok now you look at it based on character:
Katar Ranger
This is probably the safest of the 2 rangers because you should have a somewhat Dex oriented Focus. This type of ranger isnt all power its about getting missed while doing more precise hits.

Suggested : 3 DEX / 2 STR -> 4 DEX / 2 STR -> 4 DEX / 3 STR
(And Continue the Pattern)

Spear Ranger
This type of Ranger is for Damage. You want to deal more damage and dont care as much about getting hit.

Suggested: 4 STR / 1 DEX (or 5 STR) -> 4 STR / 2 DEX -> 5 STR / 2 DEX
(And Continue the Pattern) *NOTE these are suggested builds but you can see the emphasis per build type.

End Note: Ya its short and cheap, sorry. Also these are my personal opinions and in no way dictate the way every Ranger in Corum should be. I dont claim to be an expert but only a fellow gamer that got to 60+ in the CB and decided to give my two cents. Enjoy

Added: Feb 19, 02:27 AM