Open Beta

Open Beta

Alright folks, Open Beta has now launched, so its time to get playing!

I’ve gone with a summoner again since I enjoyed my one in closed beta, so if you see Dace in-game, thats me.

I’m also going to start trying to pull together more information for the site, as since the game is running again, my attention has once more been pulled here. (I’ve cleared up most of the important RL stuff I was doing between the end of cb and the start of ob now, so I can concentrate more on corum).

I know I keep saying this everywhere I post, but PLEASE get submitting guides and stuff, cause I don’t have the time/will-power to write my own, and the site would really benefit from them. As always I would give the author full credit at the start of the guide.


Now, the site issues… for the past 2 years I’ve been hosted with a company that was good when it had just started out back then, but the quality of service has seriously degraded, and it was causing me all sorts of access problems, so basically I decided to get a new hosting package elsewhere.

So I’m now hosted at, and I registered this domain ( as part of the hosting package, hence the switch of domain name. (I still have, but its an add-on domain rather than the main domain now, and its easier to work from the main).

I created a backup of all my databases and the files stored on my old hosting package, as I knew it was coming to the end of what I had paid for, and uploaded the required stuff here about a week or two ago. However whilst I was setting up everything here making sure it was all working smoothly I kept COIF going on the old host.

Today I find out from my father that he recieved an e-mail from my old hosts saying that my account with them had expired, whilst I had recieved NO warning what-so-ever from them of when it was due to run out (despite it all being paid for and registered by me under my e-mail address >.>).

So anyway, all the information on the site is the same as it was, except for the forum losing however much it lost since I copied the database over (sorry to those who had registered/posted during that time, I was intending to do another copy across the day before it expired…) and everything is now fully operational with a much better hosting package, so alls well that ends well I suppose.

Posted by: Dace - Feb 16, 09:19 PM