Fighter Guide (Haze)

Submitted by Haze – used with permission

Marbeth: Specializes in fast and strong offensive attacks and relies on strength for his physical power.

Basic Functions Of The Class And Its Role [Pros And Cons]:

The Fighter class’s role in Corum Online is as a heavy melee class. Also referred to as a tank class. In comparison to the light melee Ranger class Fighters are meant for the front lines, dealing high physical damages and taking a good deal of punishment before falling. A Ranger is more of a quick decisive attack, or support melee roles. These aspects will not
appear early in the game, the Fighter is a class meant to reach its peak at the maximum levels of Corum Online. As a result, your initial leveling (1-75) you will not see a significant difference in your damages and tanking ability among other classes. As stated, you reach your peak at the MAX levels of the game. End game fighters average around 50 000 HP and damages unknown to me at this point but rest assured, it is VERY high. The advantage the Fighter class has over the other classes is its unique ability to breach the maximum physical resistance. Where other classes stop at 75%, the Fighter can go as high as 91%. Turning 10 000 damage into 900. With these advantages also come disadvantages. The main con in the Fighter class is its ranged abilities. In order to deal damage we must get in striking distance of the enemy, which is at most 5-10 meters away (and that’s with the AoE). So expect to take a lot of damage and burn a lot of your potions during your gaming experience as a Fighter class.

Weapon’s Available And Their Differences [Pros And Cons]:

Fighters have the advantage of being able to wield over half the weaponry in the game effectively. These weapons are 1 handed swords, 2 handed swords, 1 and 2 handed axes, 1 and 2 handed blunt weaponry, and pole arms.

I will break down these weapons and list their advantages and disadvantages.

One handed weaponry.

The faster end of weaponry in the game. One handed weapons have the advantage of speed and the fact that you are able to equip a shield giving you more physical resistance and whatever other bonuses are on the shield itself. I recommend these for PvM.

Two handed weaponry.

On the other hand, two handed weapons do brutal damage. They are slower, but more useful for PvP as it does more damage (you will be using skills far more than normal attacks anyways), and your main goal in PvP is to do as much damage as possible. These also tend to be heavier than 1 handers and shields.


The fastest of the melee weapons, swords do lower damages compared to axes, higher than blunt weapons.


As stated, these do more damage than both sword and blunt but at the same time are rather slow.


Blunt weapons do less damage than axes and swords, but they are a bit quicker than the axe, their damage is also more consistent.

Pole Arms.

These weapons are a bit slow, but of the melee weapons they have the highest maximum damage. As a result, the minimum damage is reduced.

The Skills

Click left-button to use the skills; Consume SP when you use these skills.

Active Aura Recharge~Target: 0~Mastery Points Needed: 0

Recovering SP; Keep pressing the button to use the skill; When you use this skill, character will be in a status with no defence, so be careful about the enemies around.

Active Bash~Target: 1~Mastery Points Needed: 0~Range: 0.4m

A strong blow capable of stunning enemies

Active Rising Sword~Target: 1~Mastery Points Needed: 15~Range: 4m

A leaping sword attack; The power of this skill will increase with the growth of the character`s attack power.

Active Lightning Strike~Target: AoE~Mastery Points Needed: 65~Range: 10m

A leaping attack; Fighters` only AoE skill; The power of this skill will increase with the growth of the character`s attack power.

Active Light Swipe~Target: 1~Mastery Points Needed: ??~Range: ??

A sword attack used to attack distant enemies. [This skill is not yet released]

Passive Skills act on the character themselves; practiced passive skills give you high efficiency. No SP consumed.

Passive Weapon Mastery~Mastery Points Needed: 35

Higher levels of this skill result in greater physical attack power, without reference to what kind of weapons is used.

Passive Defense Mastery~Mastery Points Needed: 45

Higher levels of this skill result in greater physical defense power. Other jobs have a highest physical defense limitation —- 75%, but with the help of this skill, fighters can reach 91%.

Passive Sword Mastery~Mastery Points Needed: 85

Increases attack power while using swords.

Passive Blunt Weapon Mastery~Mastery Points Needed: 85

Increases attack power while using blunt weaponry.

Passive Spear Mastery~Mastery Points Needed: 85

Increases attack power while using pole arms.

Passive Power Rush~Mastery Points Needed: 50

Max amount of HP increased.

These skills increase the character’s power greatly in a short period. With the OD skill levels increaseing, the skills’ efficiency increases too. Consume more SP to keep more OD discharge time, but the characters’ EGO and levels will also influence the OD discharge time greatly.

OverDrive Battle Call~Mastery Point Needed: 75

Increases the amount of vitality substantially.

OverDrive Berserk~Mastery Point Needed: 90

Fighter goes into a frenzy (Defense Power decreases, Accuracy/Attack Speed/Movement Speed increase).

Stat Points And Their Influence On Fighters.

EGO: Increases the length of overdrive casts.

STR: Increases overall physical damage output.

INT: Increases amount of SP.

DEX: Increases attack accuracy and evade.

VIT: Increases amount of HP.

The main stat points you will be focusing on as a Fighter vary in the sense that you will place more stats in another aspect for certain build types which I will get to in a moment. Generally speaking, a Fighters stat layout are among the stats VIT, STR, and DEX. EGO comes into play later on in the game when you achieve the required levels for your overdrives.

Common Fighter Builds

a) Pure Strength Fighter.

b) Strength/Vitality Fighter.

c) Dexterity fighter.


a) Pure Strength.

The name generally speaks for the build. Your stats layout is simply every point you gain into your STR attribute from levels 1~100.


The Pros of this build are incredible attack damages, however with this increased damage comes a lack of accuracy/evade and vitality. Contrary to popular believe, this build is NOT a PvP build but in fact a PvM build. With its high damages you can dispose of mobs very quickly. What people fail to realize is that level plays a larger role in your accuracy on mobs, though it wont show it in numbers if your 10 levels higher than the mobs you should have no problems hitting them, and with your added strength they are cake. The reason why this is not a PvP build is because of its lack of vitality. With this build you will average around 1000 HP which is easily low enough for you to be killed in 1 hit by players of equal or greater level than yourself. To add a bit of accuracy one should equip some DEX rings for a little boost.

b) Strength/Vitality.

As said in the name once again, this fighter stat build focuses on just strength and vitality. The layout I have done with this is enough Vitality to give myself over 2 000 HP and the rest of my points into Strength. Giving me high damages and good tanking abilities.


This stat layout is a standard PvP build. This build is set up so that you can withstand a good amount of players attacks and deal a fair amount of damage all the same. The goal of this build is to be able to take the necessary damage to get in range, cast your Bash/Rising Sword, hopefully killing the opponent in one or two strikes. The flaw of this guild of course is its lack of accuracy/evade. You will burn more potions with this build as you will be getting hit more often and your normal attack will be nearly useless on players and mobs of your level or higher. For this build it would be wise to equip a bloom ring or 2 for added HP but more importantly added SP so you can repeatedly cast Bash in PvP situations.

c) Dexterity Fighter.

As the name states, this build focuses on attack accuracy. The layout for this build varies but as a rule your DEX stat should always be twice your level. As for STR and VIT, these distributions vary but common distributions for this are 3 to 1 STR/VIT or 4 to 2 STR/VIT.


The main advantage this build has over other classes, making it a good choice for PvM, is its enhanced accuracy and evade. You will be using less pots then the other classes and you will be able to hit monsters at or above your level with good efficiency. Your HP will be higher or equal to that of the other builds as well. The drawback of this of course is your minimal damage. This damage could be about 30% less then that of the other builds but you wont have to rely on skills and you will be able to complete quests and hunt higher mobs with greater success.

Build Skills Breakdown

I will give builds that bring you to level 90, by then you should be well aware of your class.

a) Pure Strength.

As stated this build is in fact made for PvM situations. So your initial skills build will be as follows.

Aura Recharge: 10

Bash: 25

Weapon Mastery: 25

At this point you should be level 60. With your pure strength stat layout your HP will be reduced, so I suggest from 60-65 you add 5 points into defense mastery, this will give you an extra 6% physical resistance which makes a much bigger difference then you may think. At this point your level 65 AoE, Lightning Strike will be available, put about 10 skill points into this as it will be much more efficient for leveling purposes, and with your stat layout will have very good damages. At this point you should consider getting some bloom rings to increase your HP because this skill burns our already little SP quickly. When you’ve finished with this skill you will be level 70-75. At this point you should further increase your defense/HP masteries until level 85. This is when your secondary weapon mastery opens up, put at least 5 points into that.

b) Strength/Vitality.

This builds initial skill layout can vary. I will give the two options.

Aura Recharge: 10 Aura Recharge: 10

Bash: 25 OR Bash: 5

Weapon Mastery: 25 Rising Sword: 20

Weapon Mastery: 25

Once again you will be level 60. With this build you should have a decent amount of HP so Power Rush will be effective, put 5 points into this. At level 65 I recommend 5 points into Lightning Strike for leveling purposes. At level 70-85 put 5-10 points into defense/HP masteries. Then, at level 85 put 5 points into your secondary weapon mastery. You are now level 90. Again, you should consider using bloom rings so you have a large pool of SP allowing you to spam your attack skills in PvP without having to recharge.

c) Dexterity.

Once again, since this is a PvM build your initial skill layout is as follows.

Aura Recharge: 10

Bash: 25

Weapon Mastery: 25

With this build you should again have decent HP for Power Rush to work, so put 5 into that. For this build, since your normal attacks are effective, using the AoE is optional but again I recommend 5 points into it for those sticky situations when you need to clear a few heads quickly. Then, simply follow the same idea as STR/VIT with varying displacement into defense and HP masteries. At 85 again, 5 points into your secondary weapon mastery. With this build a single bloom ring would do you good. With the other slots I recommend Eladha’s or damage enhancing rings.

Leveling Locations.
[NOTE: This is what I have done and not what you HAVE to do.]

Level 1~30.

This is the very beginning of your experience as a fighter. Level 30 can be easily attained through one thing, and I like to call that questing. These can be found throughout Ludilos and Idha just look for the NPC’s with the “Help!” emote above their heads. This will also give you your initial start up gear which is better than anything you could possibly purchase at this level unless this fighter is not your main character.

NOTE: Some quests open at certain level requirements and after certain previous quests are completed.

The first 2 begin at Roco and Ferian in Ludilos.

Level 30~40

There is a nice little dungeon near Idha called Adriman4. Level 25 and 37 mobs reside on the first floor and they are not aggressive so you have no fear of sticky situations. Of course, there are also a few quests for you to do during these levels.. so do them.

Level 40~50

At this level again… QUESTS. Once those are complete I recommend level 3 or 4 of Beyonde or any dungeon with monsters level 35~45.

Level 50~70

At this level I spent a large deal of time in level 5 of Beyonde. At level 60 I switched to a place near Luna called Beria. These dungeons are an excellent source of exp good to level 70. Remember your quests!

Level 70~85

This is when leveling starts to get a little slower. At this level I recommend Sharvit in area 16 or Fordword in area 18. And of course your quests.

Level 85~100

Quests. Once complete, Kosit in area 6 or Haines in area 13 are ideal for your AoE skill and leveling. This is where I currently am.

That about sums it up for now, hope this helps out my fellow fighters!

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