Welcome to COIF

Firstly I would like to welcome you to the site!

You may have noticed that there has been a change of address for the site. This will now be the permenant address (corum.saivias.com) for the site, so please update your bookmarks!

This site is designed to be a repository of information about the MMORPG Corum Online which has just had the english version released by GPotato.

Currently there is very little official information published on the official site about the different characters, skills and items in the game.

My aim is to fill those gaps here on this site through translations of Korean and Japanese information, and information gathered through actual gameplay.

I’m looking for people to submit guides, hints and tips, as well as information about the various aspects of the game.

What I am looking for is:

  • Various guides from quests to upgrading items
  • In-game information about different aspects of the game
  • Screenshots showing each level of each skill in the game

Any information submitted is very much appreciated, and I will give credit where it is due. Remember, I can’t be expected to find out everything to do with the game by myself ;)

The best way to contact me and submit information is through the forum (there is a link at the top).

Posted by: Dace


Recent News

New Design

Well, as you might have noticed, I’ve updated the design of the site :D

Its based off the original design of the site, but has had the following changes:

  • Added Sidebar – displays the 5 last active forum topics, 3 most recent news articles and 3 most recently added guides.
  • Transparent backgrounds to the content/nav sections.
  • New page background.
  • Slightly modified logo.

For now I am going to keep the old template on the forum, as the sidebar is not needed there.

Lemme know what you think of the changes either as a comment to this article, or on the topic I’m about to post on the forum :)

Posted by: Dace - 3980 days ago


Open Beta

Alright folks, Open Beta has now launched, so its time to get playing!

I’ve gone with a summoner again since I enjoyed my one in closed beta, so if you see Dace in-game, thats me.

I’m also going to start trying to pull together more information for the site, as since the game is running again, my attention has once more been pulled here. (I’ve cleared up most of the important RL stuff I was doing between the end of cb and the start of ob now, so I can concentrate more on corum).

I know I keep saying this everywhere I post, but PLEASE get submitting guides and stuff, cause I don’t have the time/will-power to write my own, and the site would really benefit from them. As always I would give the author full credit at the start of the guide.


Now, the site issues… for the past 2 years I’ve been hosted with a company that was good when it had just started out back then, but the quality of service has seriously degraded, and it was causing me all sorts of access problems, so basically I decided to get a new hosting package elsewhere.

So I’m now hosted at hostmonster.com, and I registered this domain (saivias.com) as part of the hosting package, hence the switch of domain name. (I still have tribalfury.co.uk, but its an add-on domain rather than the main domain now, and its easier to work from the main).

I created a backup of all my databases and the files stored on my old hosting package, as I knew it was coming to the end of what I had paid for, and uploaded the required stuff here about a week or two ago. However whilst I was setting up everything here making sure it was all working smoothly I kept COIF going on the old host.

Today I find out from my father that he recieved an e-mail from my old hosts saying that my account with them had expired, whilst I had recieved NO warning what-so-ever from them of when it was due to run out (despite it all being paid for and registered by me under my e-mail address >.>).

So anyway, all the information on the site is the same as it was, except for the forum losing however much it lost since I copied the database over (sorry to those who had registered/posted during that time, I was intending to do another copy across the day before it expired…) and everything is now fully operational with a much better hosting package, so alls well that ends well I suppose.

Posted by: Dace - 3995 days ago


Quest List Added

Well lytirize (on the main Corum forum) has kindly given me permission to use the quest list he is compiling on the site, so a big thanks there! Go check it out! :D

Also all the skills are fully updated with the in-game names and descriptions.

Now, the game…
I’ve been playing since the day it started, and I first started with a priest in Ihda who I got to about level 12. What I didn’t realise at the time was that there were a whole load more starting quests in Ludilos which I had missed out on.

So, after having a look on the main forums, I saw the quest list (mentioned above), and noticed I didn’t reckonize many of the ones on there.

Now, as I couldn’t figure out a way to get to Ludilos from Idha, I decided to try making a new character who started there, however I could figure out (at the time) how to switch character slot on the login, so I made my new character (a summoner) on my second account.

The first thing I noticed when going to level was how laggy that rat-run which is the ground floor of the first dungeon is, and to make it worse, all the hunting that was going on by higher level players making it take forever to complete my first few quests.

After about level 8 or 9 I was hunting monsters on some of the wider corridored levels, and the lag was less, but still, it was a nightmare up to that point!

Once I was at level 14 I was hunting on levels which were alot clearer and my attack was enough to one hit most mobs I needed to kill for my quests, so it sped up considerably.

A few qualms I have with certain quests where you talk to the NPC and some mobs spawn which you have to kill… theres no respawn button for if someone kill-steals some of the mobs. I had to wait about 15min to be able to complete one of the quests due to all the kill stealing that was going on there.

But I’ve now got my summoner up to level 23, and am looking forward to levels 26 & 27 when I can get my other two elementals (which are so fun to hunt with _). I’ve also got two gemini cards locked to the dungeons next to each town, so its easy to hop between them.

I just wish I hadn’t wasted a day of leveling with my priest after screenshotting the skills to update the ones here >.<

So overall, I’m really enjoying the game so far, and am looking forward to playing seriously when open beta starts.

Posted by: Dace - 4029 days ago